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Hey, guys welcome to my blog Roaming Aussie. My name is Madi and yes if you haven’t guessed it I’m from the land down under. In 2012, I decided to go on my first solo trip to the Red Centre of Australia because I have always wanted to see Uluru, I wanted to know if travelling solo was what I really wanted to do. While standing in front of Uluru waiting for the sunrise, I come to the realisation that I needed to see my homeland first before jetting around the world.  At Uluru, I was shocked that there were not many Australians travellers and that there were more international visitors on that day.

I love to experience my homeland not just travel it because Australia has a lot of experiences to offer travellers. From spearing your own lunch in the Dampier Peninsula to becoming a reef scientist on Lady Elliot Island.

I am passionate about learning and experiencing the diverse and complex indigenous culture of Australia which is the oldest living culture in the world. I love to go off the beaten track and find the hidden gems that makes a place so unique.

Through my blog, I hope to share my journey with you as I slowly roam around my fascinating and delightful country.



I loved experiencing the Red Centre of Australia

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