Walking The Bayside Coastal Trail

The train grinds to a halt “this stop is Sandringham and Is the last stop please disembark” announces the train conductor. As I get up, I can see the beach in the close distance. The beach will be the start of my beach walk on the bayside coastal trail. While walking across the road, I feel a bit hungry a bakery is on the other side, so I decide to get some lunch to take with me on the walk.
It’s a short walk to the sandy beach as I walk I smell the salty ocean air, I missed this scent I thought to myself I don’t get to see much of the sea due to living in the middle of Victoria. The beach and ocean are one of my happy places because I was born on The Gold Coast as a little girl I loved spending time at the beach making sandcastles and going boogie boarding with my dad.
I walk down the steep stairs down to the sandy beach I notice it’s a cloudy day a perfect time to take photos. The sand feels soft as I walk on it there are a few people around enjoying a relaxing Sunday and it’s quite a chilly autumn morning. I notice a rocky landscape near me, so I go there to explore. 17757629_10210575471717599_9220135574624188268_n

On high tide, the black and brown rocks will be covered in ocean water.
The water is already crashing into the rocks that are closer to the edge of the water. A guy in a black top strides past me jumping from rock to rock going around to the other side of the beach. I don’t like my chances I thought, so I go back up the stairs and walk on the footpath to the other side. There’s seem to be a lot of shells laying on the sand on this side of the beach. The shell is unique from each other some are colourful some are different shapes. As I walk I watch the waves come to shore, there are small because we are in a bay not in the open sea.
I see a lot of boats out in the water enjoying this lovely weather this might be the last weekend of nice weather before winter, so people are making the most of it. In the far distance, I see a red sandstone sea cliff this must be red bluff I thought remembering the picture I saw on Instagram.
It looks bigger than I expected it would be, It’s called Red Bluff because of oxidised iron in the cliffs which makes it have a burnt orange colour.


red bluff from a distance

I decide to take a few moments to sit on the beach and watch the waves in front of me a few seagulls are enjoying the beautiful weather as well playing together near the water.
As I look at my map, I see a look out nearby, and wooden stairs are going back to the footpath I walk up them to find the look out.
The beach looks so beautiful from above I thought as I stand on the look out the water is very clear I can see a lot of colourful things and huge rocks in the Water I can also see more details on Red Bluff

17795882_10210575481397841_746812905923181503_nRed Bluff – a highlight of the trip
On the other side is half moon bay I can see a shipwreck out in the water my map tells me it’s the historic shipwreck of the HMVS Cerberus. It’s a naval ship that was a working ship before the Australian Federation in 1901. The ship is living history and testament to Australia’s maritime tradition. Later on, I found that there are rules that indicate you’re not allowed to go very close to it as its very delicate.

the shipwreak

Back on the sandy foreshore, I can see a boathouse in front of people it seems there is a lot of people there. I see a lot of boats coming in from the bay it seems like there must be an event on there. It’s around lunch time, so I sit on the beach and eat my vegemite roll and watch the boats. There seem to be a few boats from different country’s I thought, as a boat with Japan on its main sail sails past me.
“Hi I was just wondering what’s happening here I asked one of the sailors that are walking past me. “We have the state championships on” he answered, “Thanks, I hope you go well,” I say.
I continue walking on the beach until I feel tired realising I am close to my aunties house I decide to visit her.

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  1. Great post. I love shipwrecks and will have to go and check this one out. Thanks!

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