Reflection: Going back to Uluru

Do you ever get the nostalgic longing to be near again or go back to a place you been to before that is distant? The Portuguese people call this feeling Saudade “a deep emotional state of melancholic longing for a person or thing that is absent.”

You can’t help but think about the place when you wake up, at night time as you fall asleep or as you go about your business during the day.

You remember the way it made you feel when you first set your eyes on it, or maybe it was the fresh earthy smell that you remember so well that made you want to return once again. It could have even been the sounds of the birds as their chirp as their soar above you looking for their next meal.

The place made you feel a feeling that you haven’t considered before maybe you hope to feel that feeling again and maybe that’s why you came back.

Maybe you wanted that feeling again it was like a spirituality healing sort of feeling, and after the last year you feel like returning to this place will complete the healing process.

It could be because it’s a culturally significant place to the local Indigenous Aboriginal tribe, the Anangu people who have looked after this place for millions of years and have Dreamtime stories that you love to listen to.

The last time you were here at sunrise you watched the sun hit the rock for the first time with all the other people doing the same thing, you heard lots of different accents but you could hardly hear an Australian accent.

The Sunrise at Uluru at the Talinguru Nyakunytjaku viewing area.


You realised being here that you wanted/needed to see your own country first before jetting overseas and you wondered if anyone you age was choosing to see their own country Australia first. You also knew how important it would be to travel Australia because you wanted to work in the Tourism Industry in Australia since you were a child.

It has been 5 years since I first travelled to Uluru. 



You have found yourself back here again five years after the first time you came here.  You try to find a word to describe this place as you quietly walk around the base of it, looking up at the massive Arkose sandstone rock that makes you feel so small.

It’s hard to describe this place you thought to yourself as you quietly walk looking at how the sun makes the rock brightly red.  You know that people have to see it not just hear about it or look at photos of it. The birds sing to one and another while you are walking and the sun has risen even more, and the rays are hitting your face warming you up. You feel alone because you haven’t seen another person for a while, you stand there and breathe in the air and take it all in the smell, the sound and the red, brown coloured rock that is in front of you.

You breathe out and are thankful that you’re here again finally after the five years you have waited to come back. you look at the rock and see little caves on the side of it, you wonder how these were formed maybe from erosion or perhaps a creation story from the Dreamtime.


To get the best experience it is advised to do the base walk which is 10.6 km. While doing the walk you will discover a few Dreamtime stories and walk through acacia woodlands and grassed claypans. You might even see a few of the local wildlife!


While sitting at Uluru you realise that perhaps you have returned to this place because of the spiritually feeling it gives you while you are here. You know that you love how peacefully quiet it is out here so quiet that you can all the wildlife nearby. It’s perhaps the culture of the Indigenous People that live here that makes you love it so much, you love learning about the local Anangu culture and how the area was created by their creation ancestors. You loved sitting with the indigenous artists back at the cultural centre, listening to them talk about their painting with you as you sit and quietly watched them dot paint.

You have always wanted to work in the tourism industry as a Tour Guide since you were a little girl running around the backyard playing make believe, dressed in a park ranger outfit. You feel this is the place you want to make that dream a reality and maybe next time you come back it will be.

You know that you don’t want to leave because of all of these things and much more and you can’t wait to come back again to make more memories at Uluru.


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