Five things that I have learnt from five years of travelling solo.

In May 2012 I decided to spend my well-earned money on a tour with Contiki to the red centre of Australia it would be my first solo trip of many. I have always liked travelling and went on many family trips mostly in Australia. I decided to go to the red centre because it was full of indigenous culture and was not that far way. Here is what I have learnt from those five years

  1. I discovered that I need to see my country first.

While I was looking at Uluru, I realised that my homeland had amazing landscapes and unlike other 20-year old’s I wanted to see Australia first before exploring the rest of the world. When I got back from my first trip, I research landscapes of Australia and found out that My country is beautiful and has breathtaking views.


  1. I need to spend the least amount time in the city more time in the wildness.

My first solo trip overseas was to the United Kingdom I decided to stay in London for five days, and I regretted it from day 3. I’m a country girl and being in one of biggest busiest cities in the world overwhelmed me after seeing all the main sights of London I wished I explored more of the lesser known areas and made more day trips out of the city.

  1. I am a capable, strong and determined, woman

Before my trip to the red centre, I didn’t do much by myself. It was not until my first trip that I realised that I could work out are to navigate new areas and find my way around with ease. When I told my family that I wanted to travel by myself, they thought it was good but better if I travel with someone as well in case I found myself in trouble or a dangerous situation. They were anxious when I went away for a good reason there were a few times when I called them upset because I was overtired and didn’t have a lot of sleep. Which I have learnt now that for me to have a great trip I need a significant amount of sleep.

  1. Travelling alone as a female is not as scary as the news and people make it out to be.

A lot of individuals worry about rape, murder and kidnapping when females travel alone. The news shows a lot of negative towards these things such backpacker kidnapped for a month or traveller killed. Even though this stuff does happen you have to use some common sense don’t go anywhere after dark by yourself, stay at hostels that safe and secured and have great reviews. Use your gut feeling when approach by people

  1. Hostels are a great place to meet liked minded people and can be a great place to make new friends.

In 2014 I decided to go to Canberra and Sydney while staying at a YHA in Sydney, I met a nice English lad and a friendly girl from Taiwan we spent a lot of time checking out the city sights together and learning about each other’s cultures and countries. Just because I was travelling alone didn’t mean I was truly alone in my room there were three others and a lot of other backpackers in areas such as the kitchen and rooftop to talk to and make friends.

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