Mungo National Park Walls Of China : Photo Essay

The Mungo National Park is located 110 kilometres north-east of Mildura. it shows us the history of the land dating back 20,000 years ago.


The board walk leading to The Walls Of China.


The Mungo lunette tells the history of time here. There is 3 units the Gol Gol (18,000-20,000 years ago)The Mungo unit (45,000 years ago). The Zanci unit (18,000 and 20,000 years ago).


The red layer is the Gol Gol unit. This happened in the ice age.


The shapes and forms seen at The Walls of China is caused by accelerated erosion. That is caused by clearing and overstocking of the land.


The view from the top of the dune.

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