Coming Home

It’s been a long time since I’ve called Gold Coast home, 20 long years. I spent the first five years of my life living on the coast. Coming back I notice the differences small and big. There is no longer the monorail which I would go on with my Pa and Nan after a lovely day together. There is now a fast yellow and blue tram that reminds me of Melbourne.

The air I smell still reminds me of the times I spent at Miami Beach. The times that Dad would throw me in the air as waves rolled pass us. I remember when Dad taught me to boogie board, I was 3 years and we were down at our local beach at Burleigh. He would hold my hand with one hand and the board with the other hand. I used to love swinging on the swings at the beach

We started on the little waves near the shoreline, They looked so calm I thought. The next month we moved to the next level, the medium waves he told me to put my back towards the wave and make sure feet are planted firmly in the sand. The next wave is yours he yelled I lifted my feet off the ground and the wave caught me and took me to the shoreline. The big waves were next I was nervous and scared they looked so big from the shoreline, I haven’t caught a wave that huge before. I turn my back and was facing the shoreline I jumped on my board, feet off the sand and started cruising on the wave back to the shoreline “yay I finally caught a big one” I yelled excitedly.

That memory comes back has I sit on the same beach 20 years later the beach looks the same as I watch a dad teach his little daughter to boogie board.

My Mum and I used to go to Fleays Wildlife Park when I was little ever couple of weeks when we got a voucher on the back of Safeway dockets. I loved wildlife and I especially loved Fleays Wildlife Park. Spending a day at Fleays brought me so much happiness, I loved the big back cassowaries the most because I loved how big they were and the blue, red colours on their necks. I remember once when I came to the park the Cassowaries laid eggs and the father cassowary was guarding the eggs and moving up and down the fence as well as sitting on them.

I decided to come back here because I have not been here for 15 years I found myself at the front, the memories came flooding back as I walk around I can’t help but think how little it has change, it’s still all about the wildlife. The work that David Fleay did for the local and Australian wildlife stills goes on today which is remarkable.

The early mornings are the most beautiful time on the Gold Coast just as the sun is rising. The locals are all out walking on the beach and they say hello to you as they walk pass I really love how friendly the Gold Coast locals are. The walks on the beach are a ritual for the locals.

The Tallebudgera Creek was where I learnt to swim because it was protected from the waves of the ocean. I used to go there with my family we would have lunch, go in the water for a swim then play on the playground.

I sit on the other side of the creek watching the children learn to swim, enjoying the water and their day.

On the weekends my family would often go to the Burleigh National Park for walks. My favorite walk was from Burleigh to Tallebudgera Creek. I loved the views of turquoise water and Surfer’s Paradise in the distance. We also used to watch the surfers ride out the waves in the distance.

I love the national parks near the Gold Coast my favorite being Mount Tamborine I loved walking the sky walk above the tall trees and Curtis Waterfall tumbling down the cliff face. I used to go to the Thunderbird Park and look for rocks to found out if their had crystals inside them.

It would not be the Gold Coast without the theme parks there is one for everyone my favourite was Movie World because I loved the Tweety Bird ride where you are in bird cages as it spins you around.

Every trip back home I discover new things this time it was that you can snorkel near the split. I jumped into the water and was straight away taken to another world where colorful fish dart pass you in search of food.

I use say to my mum when I was little that when I am a big girl I will move back to the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast will always be part of my life and have a big place in my heart. The memories I have will live on when I go back there for trips.

I will always call Gold Coast home.

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