Snorkelling at Wave Break Island

“Ok everyone, here we are at Wave Break Island remember if you want to see the beautiful fish you need to snorkel near the North Rocky Wall over there, you might get some cuts from the rocks but don’t be a crybaby that comes to me asking for a band-aid the water will be able to heal it” explained the snorkelling leader who was also the boat driver.

The place where I am snorkelling today is Wave Break Island, it is not a natural island. It was created in 1985 as part of the Gold Coast Seaway Project. It has 450 species of fish including a huge population of Stick Pipe Fish.

A school of Silver Trivially Fish

I looked over the boat and saw the clear blue water and the many schools of fish swimming by heading to the rocky wall. I decided to jump in on the side of the boat. As I landed in the water I took in a lot of water and stated coughing., jumping in looks easier than I thought. I put on my snorkel and goggles and started swimming to the rocky wall where I could already see lots of beautiful coloured fish waiting for me near the rocks. The first fish I saw was the Silver Trivially which swarm pass me with its silver skin glittering from the sun. I followed it quickly to see where it was going, and I ended up being in the middle of a school of Silver Trivially going right, left, north, and south.


I made it to the rocky wall and could see a few coloured fish hiding in the rocks there was the Golden Damsel that has pale greyish colour with yellow pelvic, anal and caudal fins and its diet consists of mainly zooplankton. I also saw a glowingly blue with distinct black markings Palette Surgeonfish which is most famous for being the fish Dory is in Finding Nemo. They both swarm quickly to hide but it was a great sight while it lasted.

I even saw a Beaked Coral Fish

I looked down at the sand and could see a couple of trumpet fish resting on the bottom.  They were a bright green colour, I decided to see if I could get a closer look but as I speedily swarm down I accidentally took in some water and had to come up to cough and ending up having a coughing attack. I think I need to do the diving next time I thought in my head.


What is that fish I thought in my head when I saw a little blob of fish in the distance as I got closer I could see it was a type of Pufferfish called the Crowned Puffer Fish because of  the brown saddle dorsally behind the eye and three saddles on the body, making  it look like it has a crown on its head.

The Crowned Puffer Fish can be mostly found on sand and rubble bottom or algal flat and often around a coral reef.

Snorkelling with the Silver Trivially 

I continue my exploration of the rocky wall I cut my hand a little due to holding on the rock trying to see what creature was hiding near it. I saw The Black and Gold Damselfish and Moonfish going about their day.

As I come up to take a breath for the last time before making my way to the boat to go back to Marine Mirage, I thought to myself I can’t believe I never thought this place existed here on the Gold Coast.

What I saw and experience on Wave Break Island is like a secret underwater world and not many people know about it even the people that have called Gold Coast their home.

Do it yourself

Wave Break Island is accessed by boat only and you would need to use your own or hire one. There are also many snorkelling and diving tours that you can also do.

Boat for hire

There are many different types of boats for hire at Marine Mirage which is a half an hour boat ride to Wave Break Island.

Tours to Wave Break island

The tour I went on is a 3-hour snorkelling tour that I booked with BookMe

You book it here

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