Sovereign Hill photo essay

Sovereign hill Is located in Ballarat a hour drive from Melbourne. The last time I went to Sovereign Hill was when I was 10 years old so I thought it was time to relive those memories I had with my family. Sovereign Hill is an open air museum that has over 60 historically accurate buildings. There are people walking around dressed up to entertain the visitors with stories of how life was in 1800s.

The gold rush started in August 21 1851 when James Dunlop and James Reagan discovered gold at a base of a hill located just a couple of metres from Sovereign Hill.  The idea of Sovereign Hill was conceptualised in the1960s o preserve the historic buildings and gold diggings of the era.


A lot of the workers dress up wearing the same clothes worn in the gold era. The mayor was going up Main Street shaking his bell and asking children if their would like a go.


The view from the gold mine tower on the left hand side is the gold mine tour booking area where you can pay extra to go on a tour of the mines at Sovereign hill.


The Redcoat soldiers walk down the Main Street everyday at 1.30 pm


A person on top of the theatre telling people that there is a pantomime showing in 10 minutes.


The fire brigade is where you can see old red fire trucks and things used at fires.  It is located next to the bowling saloon.

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